FOR SALE: Professional Ventriloquist Figure-Rex

BUILDER: Buzz James - Braylu Creations
HEIGHT: 34 inches
MOUTH CONTROL: Yes – Controlled by right hand fore-finger on control stick
EYE CONTROL: Yes – Non self-centering eyes – Controller by right hand thumb
HEAD MATERIAL: Hard surfaced Plastic
BODY MATERIAL / SIZE: Wood Insert – 2T Clothes
-This is a complete professional ventriloquist figure built by Buzz James of Braylu Creations.
-This is a new – never used, ventriloquist figure that is in working condition and comes with the clothes shown in the photos.
-This figure has a hollow wood body that has a large enough opening for an adult hand to move and manipulate the control stick
-The legs are stuffed in durable fabric. There is a sewn knee bend to allow for realistic movements.
The arms are stuffed in durable fabric and include the plastic hands. There is a sewn elbow bend to allow for more realistic arm movements.
-The body is padded with foam and secured to our standard 2T body insert. There is a recessed neck hole on the top of the body to allow for most head stick transitions.
-No instructions are included.
-A certificate of authenticity and registry is included with this figure.

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Price: $425
Shipping not included. Offers accepted.
Contact Buzz at
PHone: (530) 255.4811